Digital Marketing


Generating revenue online is life insurance for your business. These are the essentials for getting it right.

Tracking : This is the eyes and ears of your digital marketing. You are deaf and blind without it. AND you're going to waste loads of time and money going in the wrong direction if it's not set up right.

You should also have more than one source, more eyes with different lenses to see as much as possible.

Analysis : Accurately reading what you see, is the secret sauce. There's a hundred stories in all that tracking data.

None of them will do you any good unless you know how to interpret them into actionable task.

Interpret it wrong and you might do more damage than good.

Consistent progress comes from experienced analysis determining what implementations and adjustments have the most potential. 

Historical analysis is the most revealing so the sooner your tracking is in place the better. The longer the history, the more accurate the story it tells.