“ Digital Marketing is a long game.”

Real success in digital marketing is measured in year over year growth. 

You can't get there with short term tactics aimed at quick gains. 

When done right, you will see early wins, quick gains and long term success but it starts, oddly enough, like any other good business plan, with a solid foundation for growth. 



Year over year can be a bumpy ride. 

This one is an interesting story.

The history actually dates back to 2009 but the data was recorded in another account, when I was a Sr. SEO Specialist for an ad agency in Orlando.

Another year passed for the non-compete clause to expire when I left that agency.

This account approached me in 2011 to inform me they had fired the ad agency and wanted to pick up where we left off.

They're still with me today and one of may favorite clients.

In those days SEO was king and I could get any site ranked in a few weeks, days or even hours under the right circumstances.

Read more about the history of this website's growth. 


Local Google Marketing

Getting Found On Phones 

This is HOW people find you on their phones.

It is the core focus of local search marketing. 

Sure they can find you on any other number of devices like their tablets, laptops and desktops. 

But it's the phone that's with them almost all day. 

Understanding how local search works and how it fits as a cornerstone in your marketing foundation is a critical key to long term success...*even for online businesses with no physical store.