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Hey...just to give you a frame of reference I've been a web developer for over 15 years. But in recent years I will only develop for clients that have a marketing contract with me. Building the website ensures the website will have everything to perform well. Don’t forget I also built your Shopify website, which I’m still a partner with them too for E-commerce development.

Side Note: I actually left my corporate life as a marketing director to learn how to build websites (back then in Dreamweaver) and E-commerce websites so I could make money working from home and still take care of my kids when they were in elementary school to high school age.

I don't market myself as a web developer anymore because the sites I build are pretty involved and expensive to build. This one which is still in beta testing sold at $12k.


*But there’s a whole used trailer database app that I customized for them included in the backend that really jacked up the cost.

I can work with you on price if we're going to do the whole marketing package because then, I know the website will generate revenue and we will all benefit with more sales.

I can do Renovare for $1500 if you can provide all the content and graphic assets, photos etc.

New Drag & Drop Easy Editing Theme System

I really like the theme system I used on this beta site. I'm rebuilding my in this new system. It's got some powerful features and is the most flexible one I've ever used. For example we could easily have some pages with different branding like you were asking for Renovare. Not the best solution but it could be done with this system.

You can find design examples for design ideas here:

*Don’t get too locked into the designs. Every element is changeable.

Live Website References

I’ve built dozens of websites over the years as a contractor and with agencies like Planet Digital in Orlando, a website design company. I'll finish out my web development section on this weekend so you have a reference point if it ever comes up again.

Here are some quick links: / Webmaster & Marketing specialist

No longer my design but this was the highest volume website I ever built and marketed. They did over 3 million pageviews a month last time I worked with it. The company had 500 stores the website was promoting at that time.

· - Joomla

· - Shopify

· – Joomla (also in redesign)

· – Joomla

· – Shopify (almost a million in sales my first year)

Most website change in a year or two and should to get a fresh look so a lot of the older ones I’ve done have moved on to different designs and platforms. I’ll try to include anything else that’s relevant on


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