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Private Label Supplements No Minimum Order

This SEO website is an example of how to transfer or transition top 10 rankings from one website to a new one. 

Why would you do that? Why not keep working on the original site to get it ranked higher?

There's a lot of situations where this is a good practical solution to increasing Google ranking position for an existing website. 

Let's dive in....


Updating Your Website

Krisada Homepage FOLIUM THEME

Just like a house or business needs a fresh coat of paint to keep the curb appeal attractive, your website needs the same attention. 

And like with most things internet related, a website redesign can mean a great many things with huge differences between results.

I'll use my own website for a generic example.

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2020 EasyBlog Editor Quick Tutorial

OMG I wish I found this a year ago!

Today I found this video by Joomla London YouTube Channel and it totally cleared up the workflow in a few minutes. It was published in 2016 so I'm not sure how current it is to the lates Easyblog versions but it all looks familiar.

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Flattening The Learning Curb

If you wait until you're an expert and everything is perfect, you will never get there. 

That's been my montra for most of my professional life.

It's not a good one for everyone but for me it keeps the over analytical gears from locking up and creating a series of collapsed rabbit holes. 

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Tracking & Analyzing Daily Visitor Behavior Leads To Year Over Year Growth

The first thing I do with every client project is setup and install proper tracking for every domain property. This is such a critical step that it can't be over emphasized. Without proper tracking data you're flying blind. I've also found that very few websites are properly "wired up" or inadequately so to some degree.

Inadequacies usually come from assuming that Google Analytics is all you need. 

GA is still useful but it's a bloated monster from an era that had little competition. I have found I use it less and less in recent years.

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