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Artist. Analyst. Author
I was born in Thailand. I came to the States when I was 4 years old. Since then I've been many things but always an artist at heart. In recent years, the last 15 or so, I've been an SEO Specialist by Profession & Writer of sorts....

SEO Marketing...
"what I do"

I've been a portrait artist, graphic artist, art director and a whole lotta bartender type things over the years. In the past 15 years I've mostly spent my time as a Search Engine Marketing "Specialist". What that means in every day terms is that I get your website to come up in Google for specific searches. The "specialist" part just means I primarily focus on getting visitors, leads, shoppers or buyers to your website or shopping cart.

Yep....I build websites and shopping carts. I actually have just as many years as a web developer under my mouse, including a tour as Winn-Dixie's webmaster and a couple of wordpress/Joomla and LAMP production houses. But I don't enjoy the web design and development as much as I do driving sales and conversions.

Anybody's dog and their cousin's cat can build a website these days (but there's a huuuuuge difference in how it's built if you want to make money from it) ...so I'd rather not play too much in that arena. I frequently build the shopping carts or websites only so I have full control of the code and functional things that I need that will help it get ranked in Google.
Featured Businesses & Patrons
These are the friends, family and businesses that support my artwork , SEO Marketing work and my life as an artist and online marketing professional in Florida. I'd like to thank them for their contributions and continued support with recognition for their loyalty with our most sincere gratitude. Please visit their business listings in our Patron's Directory.
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 Custom Bikini & Swimwear designed and handmade in America from start to finish

Savage Swim is a local client here in St. Augustine that I've been with for less than a year and I am in love with her brand. Beth Reeb, single mother / owner / designer...she is a fiery free spirit that is as real as life gets, hard knocks and all. Strong, bold, independent, ethically responsible energy goes into her brand every step of the way....


My Own Florida SEO Website for Lessons, Tutorials & Online Marketing Info

This is a relaunch of SEO Specialist Florida. I am using the complete tear down and rebuild of this SEO Website as an ongoing case study of how to build a search engine optimized website from the ground up. If you have a business and you like to do your own marketing work or you're just curious about what all this "SEO" stuff is about then you might find something interesting from the videos and articles I am creating for this website.



Rachel Cross is an internationally recognized artist based in St. Augustine Florida.

You can sometimes catch her working in a coffee shop, in her home town of St. Augustine FL, painting in a corner. She welcomes conversation, inquisitive minds, and enjoys sharing her passion. You can usually find her sharing her techniques and sometimes canvas space with anyone who has a glimmer of passion to paint.

Rachel's painting, Red Boat, started gaining international recognition after it was hosted in Peter Doig's 2014 collection. Prior to Peter's 2014 collection, the painting White Canoe set a world record for the highest price paid to a living artist (11 million at auction).

Since then Red Boat also gained more notoriety as the cover of highly awarded and acknowledged American novelist, Louise Erdrich's german release of LaRose, titled Ein Lied für die Geister, which was just released in October 17th 2016!