~ Just Me! Krisada
Where am I from? ....and... What is SEO? Those are probably the two most common questions I get from people.

I was born in Thailand, came to the States when I was 4 years old. Since then I've been many things but always an artist at heart. Professionally, for the last 15 years I've been a marketing guy, developer and SEO Specialist. Most of what I do these days is about getting people to websites and shopping carts. What I'd like to be doing is painting more and clicking less, lol. To that end this website is separated into different segments...

SEO Marketing...
"what I do"

I've been a portrait artist, graphic artist, art director and a whole lotta bartender type things over the years. In the past 15 years I've mostly spent my time as a Search Engine Marketing "Specialist". What that means in every day terms is that I get your website to come up in Google for specific searches. The "specialist" part just means I primarily focus on getting visitors, leads, shoppers or buyers to your website or shopping cart. Yeeeeaaah....I can build websites and shopping carts. I actually have just as many years as a web developer under my mouse, including a tour as Winn-Dixie's webmaster and a couple of web production houses....but I don't enjoy the web design and development as much as I do driving sales and conversions. Anybody's dog and their cousin's cat can build a website these days (but there's a huuuuuge difference in how it's built if you want to make money from it) ...so I'd rather not play in that arena.
Featured Businesses & Patrons
These are the friends, family and businesses that support my artwork , SEO Marketing work and my life as an artist and online marketing professional in Florida. I'd like to thank them for their contributions and continued support with recognition for their loyalty with our most sincere gratitude. Please visit their business listings in our Patron's Directory.
Thank You!


 An Online Retailer for Women's Boho Clothing Made in USA

Double slit dresses, sheer crop tops, acid wash denim dresses, floral maxi skirts, tie dyed jeans, floral summer dresses, silk throws and a whole lot of other Women's Apparel, Dresses, Clothing and Accessories that I don't know much about but can get it all found in Google somewhere. I am genuinely happy to say that the local SEO marketing aspect of this project is a natural for me since Beth Reeb is genuinely a big hearted St. Augustine business owner that takes a tremendous amount of pride in her Made In USA clothing sold under her American Boheme brand.



My Own Florida SEO Website for Lessons, Tutorials & Online Marketing Info

This is a relaunch of SEO Specialist Florida. I am using the complete tear down and rebuild of this SEO Website as an ongoing case study of how to build a search engine optimized website from the ground up. If you have a business and you like to do your own marketing work or you're just curious about what all this "SEO" stuff is about then you might find something interesting from the videos and articles I am creating for this website.