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I started out a professional portrait artist 20+ years ago and became an "SEO Expert" after years in graphic arts, web development, art direction and marketing management careers. For the last 15 years SEO Marketing (getting businesses found in Google) is all I do.
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2017-08-08, Krisada SEO
Custom Bikini & Swimwear designed and handmade in America from start to finish. Savage Swim is a local client here in St. Augustine that I've been with for less than a year and I am in love with her brand. Beth Reeb, single mother / owner / designer...she is a fiery free spirit that is as real as life gets, hard knocks and all. Strong, bold, independent, ethically responsible energy goes into her brand every step of the way....
2018-01-02, Men's Swimwear Maker
Truly customizable swimsuits for men is hard to find.