It means "Power" in Thai.

For the last 20+ yrs, my "Super Power" has been getting stuff found thru Google Search.

Sonny's BBQ
Rox Volleyball
Savage Swim
.COM Marketing
Winn Dixie
Lymecore Botanicals

E-Commerce Development & Marketing Since 2001

My first freelance eCommerce project in 2001 was building a shopping cart for Palm Casual's replacement patio cushions online outlet store AND their custom patio furniture store, at the same time, from scratch.

We built both stores with custom 3D rendered cushion styles for each fabric patterns offered (I created the cushion models in 3D Max) which was pretty skippy for E-commerce back then...really kinda unheard of.

Since then I've developed a number of ECommerce websites on a half dozen different shopping cart platforms.

  • Cart32

  • OsCommerce

  • PrestaShop

  • OpenCart

  • WooCommerce

  • EShop

  • Big Commerce

  • Shopify

My current favorite E-Commerce Platform is Shopify, hands down.

Shopify is the best because it allows me to spend less time developing and more time selling, while maintaining a high degree of customizable features.

Editing Shopify's liquid code language allows me to implement some pretty high level SEO tactics sitewide with conditional variables.

Shopify's App is over the top useful for marketing and managing your store directly from your smart phone.

Plus Shopify's app has my favorite "Ringy Dingy" cash register sound after each sale...which still makes me smile when I hear it. 😁