For the last 20+ yrs, my core skill set has been getting stuff found thru Google Search.
SEO Website Case Examples by Industry


To get stuff found, I have successfully built dozens of "SEO" websites that rank in Google.

My SEO websites are designed from the ground up to attract the ideal new visitor and convert them into sales, leads, sign-ups, members, registrations or whatever that builds revenue.

But the secret sauce isn't the SEO Website
... not by itself.

It's the methods & strategy that goes into the building of the website
that gets it into Google faster. πŸ‘‡

Developing websites with these effective SEO methods & strategies consistently ring in sales for ad agencies, medical professionals, tech business, real estate brokers & agents, restaurants & hotels and retail stores of all kinds. πŸ‘‡

The most basic revenue a website can produce is direct sales of products and services online.

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