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"Krisada-isms" & Terms - just for fun.

Term Definition

My Last 2 Brain Cells

Usage: "My last two brain cells are spinning up into orbit"

Meaning: Last two brain cells refers to my right & left brain - spinning up into orbit happens after coffee 😜.

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Spelling: "Kris'ada - spelled like Chris but with a K .... then A D A ... Alpha-David-Alpha, like I'm ADA compliant"

Usage: That's my standard reply to spelling my name.

I can always tell when someone is listening cuz they usually laugh at the "ADA Compliant" part. 😆

My mom has always told me Krisada means power, and I've seen it described the same way in different references.

My mom and my biological father are both 100% Thai by default so am I, obviously.

Here are some other interesting "Krisada" definitions I found...

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I'm 1/2 Illiterate

Usage: "I write a lot for someone that's 1/2 illiterate"

Meaning: I like to write but hate to read. 

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Driving by Braille

Usage: Never drive thru NYC at rush hour by braille

Meaning: Driving "manually" using visual road signs and basic driving rules of the road to navigate from place to we did before GPS.

Also applies to feeling my way around or through any situation, typically the hard way.

And yes, I did drive though NYC at rush hour by braille with a malcontent, completely unhelful relative riding as a useless shotgun navigator. I don't recommend it.

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Calling an Audible

Usage: "Shit went sideways so I had to call an audible 🤷‍♀️"

Meaning: Improvising on your feet. It refers to when the quarterback goes up to the line and changes the play based on what he's seeing by yelling out new instructions to his players (the audible part). I thought everyone knew this but apparently not every family uses this term the same way...or some people don't watch football? 🤯

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